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If your Toddler or Preschooler tells you "NO" - Defiant Behavior - Parent and Family Support


In this video we chat about what you can do when you are sick of your toddler or preschooler always telling you NO, drops the floor and throws a fit when you ask them to do something. It hurts my heart so see parents struggle with this problem. Hopefully this will offer some guidance.

If you need more tips... please let me know.



Son of God Movie in theatres – Noah Movie coming

The Son of God movie is an expansion of The Bible television series we enjoyed last year. There will be more unseen footage added to fill out the storyline. This New Testament depiction of the birth, life, crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ will be riveting. The movie is starring Roma Downey, Diogo Morgado, Louise Delamere and is directed by Christopher Spencer.

When watching Roma Downey and her husband Mark Burnett share the process of creating this film on the ‘Table Talk’ show on the Daystar channel…  I first imagined the snakes they described. Deadly viper snakes showed up on the set each day. I could not imagine an amount I could be paid to act after KNOWING there were deadly snakes. Really? My hat goes off to the team. The snakes were cleared before filming each day.

Resistance showed up for sure on the day they filmed the crucifixion. 40 snakes showed up instead of the 1-5 that were there any other day. Amazing….

I was amazed at the level of faith and perseverance needed to create The Son of God. Roma discussed the casting of the Jesus character and how difficult and stressful it was. A week before filming started they still did not have Jesus casted. She also mentioned how wonderful it was when God showed her exactly who it would be, BEFORE he even did an audition.

They clearly needed and continue to need us to be a prayer team to help them every step of the way.

The Son of God is finally being released. Looking forward to it =)


The Noah Movie

Noah will also be in theatres soon. I am thrilled. I am not sure that my preschooler “minis” will go but it looks like a powerful heart wrenching action packed thriller.




REPOST: 7 Ideas to Help your Children Keep the Focus this Christmas




1. Read and re-read several Christmas stories to your children. Ideally, you find books that focus on the Birth of Jesus. Christmas videos are ok too, if you sit with them to explain the differences between the video and the true account.

2. Create a Present for Jesus = Young and older children love to create things that represent their heart. Kids can draw or find something that symbolizes how they feel toward God or what they are thankful for. Its easy. Everyone can place these items in a beautifully wrapped box or a gift bag if time is short.

3. Explain Gifts = Help your children know why we exchange gifts at Christmas. Jesus was the TRUE gift given to us. Tie these concepts together for your children. Some people mention the 3 gifts presented to Him.

4. Have a Treasure Hunt = Find several items that represent elements of the Christmas Story. Hide them around the house for the kids to look for, and explain. Most effective before present-time of items you purchased.

5. Sing, play and listen to Christmas Carols. Emphasize those that focus on Wonderful Jesus.

6. Bake a cookie or cake for Jesus. Crosses, hearts or whatever. Put on a special plate. Additionally, you can add a candle on Christmas and sing “Happy Birthday to Jesus”.

7. On Christmas Eve and Day read together the Christmas Story from the Bible and have the children act out the Christmas story as you read. You will have to piece together the full story from several chapters. (Luke 2 & Matthew 2) This can be great fun.


Christmas Bellie as Angel=)




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PARENTING: Teaching Our Children to Pray - Teaching them Spiritual Warfare

Teaching Our Children to Pray is Critical… We KNOW that
I am raising teens and minis too and I see the effects of hormones, busy schedules and life =)
But more than that, our kids have been through some trials that have put us all on our knees.
Sometimes I have seen it coming a mile away, THANK YOU HOLY SPIRIT. Other times, I am aware but unsure what to DO about what I see evolving. I pray and comb around for great resources to help gain insight.
Recently, I bumped into a well of resources on
It is PARENTING time on that website these resources are available anytime by searching “Parenting”
Cool Tips in this Video:
  • Children need to learn their Kingdom of God Identity. Who does Jesus SAY they are?
  • They can DRAW PICTURES and do fun things to learn who the Bible says they are.
  • Parents set the Spiritual Atmosphere of the Home.
  • Teach the kids to GET RID OF FEAR.
  • Help little children who have lust and or por. ADDICTIONS early, 8-10yo
  • Prayer for children and youth who are CUTTING

This excerpt is from they have great cutting edge parenting resources!

Spiritual warfare is not just for adults.

Your children can engage in the battle too, but they need to be prepared.

Cindy Jacobs, and spiritual warfare expert Rebecca Greenwood, give practical advice to parents everywhere on the best ways to encourage your children in the training of spiritual warfare.

Exclusively online as part of GOD TV’s Parenting Weekend. You can search "parenting" ANYTIME.

Printout of Questions on their website - to give you questions to ask to find out when kids are struggling. Go to:

VIDEO- God’s Miracles–My Fun Book Talk with Kellie Frazier

Last week I had an excellent opportunity to do a video Book Talk with Kellie Frazier. The funny part was that my children have done tons of these and I had to go to THEM for tips. LOL

I wrote an article in the book God’s Miracles True Stories of Healing and Restoration.

My portion in this book is called: “A Safe Place to Fall”.

In the video below I actually share the back story, when my mom suffered her 4th stroke.

How God brought us through a year of hospitals, physical therapy and so on…before the big news that changed everything for our family.

Kellie is a delightful woman who is loving and kind. I was so encouraged by what God has done for the many authors. I think my favorite story in this book to date is the “Great Barrier Reef” survival story. Standing up on a flipper? Amazing…

The Kindle version of the book is available on I have included my affiliate link in these posts so you can BUY THE BOOK=) God’s Miracles True Stories of Healing and Restoration

 It is a great Christmas present for anyone who needs ENCOURAGEMENT.

Hardcopy will hit Amazon on Tues, Dec 3rd. Thanks for your support!

Star Spangled Banner – Sandi Patty


The Star Spangled Banner by Sandi Patty

As I listen to this absolutely outstanding version of the Star Spangled Banner…I am in AWE.

When I heard this song on TBN on 9/11 I guessed that Sandi Patty was the only one who could have pulled these vocals off. I looked it up on YouTube and found this educational video…..and sure enough it was her.

Sandi Patty’s song has a totally incredible and strong finish. Not many on the planet that I know of can reach her range. Ahhhhh….phenomenal. Crazy!

9/11 America We Remember


I Remember 9/11

But at the same time it is with heavy heart as I remember 9/11 like it was yesterday. As a native….it is hard to take NYC out of my blood. Moreover…

I remember…. I was devastated and was crying at the TV. I was intensely worried about my family.

I remember my little Dominique who yelled “Mommy the other building fell down too!” as I went to fetch grapes since we had been glued to the TV.

I remember….thinking of my cousins who worked across the street from World Trade, who I couldn’t reach because the phone circuits were busy… and then down.  I called again and again….to not avail. 

Much later, I found out they were safe….one walked through the debris…across the Brooklyn Bridge. They were all physically ok.

I remember….my other family from NYC who visited weeks later…were still in shock. I mostly recall the glazed over eyes they had as they described what they experienced during 9/11 and in the weeks that followed.

Then, I remember…the loooong lines of traffic to get back into NYC so I could finally visit my family months later.

I remember….the traffic security was so intense we sat for hours to go thru the various check points.

I remember…the tears….

Finally…. I remember one of my moms “Miss Vivian” telling me how hungry people became for the love of Jesus Christ.

She shared God’s love and His message throughout the city, where ever she went. Miss Vivian mentioned that many seemed thankful for the obvious….

there is comfort available that only God can provide.

Wordless Wednesday – Our Ballet Recital - Dance, Dance, Dance




This year’s dance recital was exciting for our family to say the least.

Arielle did the daily count down to prepare us for it for several months

There were costumes to be purchased and sewn, shoes to be dyed, many evenings of practice and a few tears. Not just from my husband who paid the mounting bills…just kidding.

But it was well worth the hard work.

It was a privilege to dance again in the mom dance.

My daughters grilled me for HOURS to get me to hold my hands the right way, hold my head up, leap in the correct fashion, perhaps how move across the room in a Bourree was the most difficult for me… no it was the turn that’s called a ?????.

I hopped on one foot as I turned and was supposed to land on the other facing the opposite direction. Totally unnatural. It was exhausting as they critiqued every muscle. I could feel their eyes following each of movements. As soon as I heard “Pause or Stop!”, I knew it was time for yet another correction and a redo….but I was tremendously grateful for the tune up! 

HOWEVER, you will not find pictures of me dancing in this recital. I enjoyed blessing the cute little ballerinas who stopped me in the dressing area as they looked at me wide-eyed to ask if I was a Queen Mother from the dance….but not enough to pose for a picture or participate in the final bow. No way!

I felt more like a fluffy pumpkin… my nephew who travelled to purchase tickets to see the ballet assured me I did NOT look like one.

Then he said I looked more like an ORANGE…instead of a PUMPKIN! LOL. I laughed too hard to be upset. That was hilarious! I think there was a hidden compliment in there. 

I also didn’t have flowers to pose with anyway…they wilted in the car because someone left them there ALL DAY before the recital. I had to laugh. Overall, it was a fun time had by all.




One final note.

Here’s my favorite character from the show…. after my daughters of course.



Internet Safety Warning Fix: Smartphone Pics of Your Children Pose Security Risk


I recently watched a widely circulated 2010 video on an internet security warning. It is concerning Smartphone pictures of our children. In the video, it was clear that a predator can use the coded GEO location information that is part of every picture taken on the smart phone. The info can be decoded to track specifics.

Not only the home of a child, but even the room within the home.

Not only the playground, but what spot in that playground.

That is too much!!!

There is a fix mentioned at the end of the video. In case you don’t catch it, I will list it: Simply go into your phone 1. change the "Privacy" settings, 2.then go to Location services, "Camera" and make sure it is in the off position Does this help?

Parent and Family Support : Internet Safety To Protect Your Children




It is about 5 am so I think I will go to bed now=)

Just a few thoughts first…

Internet Safety / Cyber Safety for Families Presentation

It has been a long full week preparing for a presentation that is this weekend on Internet Safety / Cyber Safety for families. I am NOT an internet guru by any stretch of the imagination. But my life was changed a few years ago when I had several kids and youth came to me to ask:


.Pray for Me - Addiction with caption

“…Can you Please Pray for Me? I’m addicted to Pornography & I want to Stop.”


I believe God wants to help our children. He wants to give us Parents, teachers, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends… the tools to help our families either stay clear of internet addictions, cyber bullying and predators.

From what I have seen over the years as a parent, Children’s Pastor and friend to many wonderful, loved children and youth….this is a formidable but doable task.

With God’s help we can keep them safer. Our focus at this time is to help families connect with the inspiration, wisdom, discernment, information and resources they need to make the necessary adjustments in their homes for improved internet safety.


ENOCH NJ Homeschool Convention




This is the venue where I will be conducting a workshop on Internet Safety / Cyber Safety for Families:

ENOCH of New Jersey presents the 23rd Annual Homeschool Convention
Friday & Saturday, May 17-18, 2013 at the New Jersey Convention & Expo Center, Edison, NJ


*The slides with all the resources linked will be available if you SIGN UP HERE 



Internet Safety Help for Families

from Parent and Family Support:


Action Groups and Step-by-Step Mentoring


1. Parent and Family Support will be offering:


Internet Safety

We will have an internet safety support group that will meet for 4 weeks starting in June.

We will go thru our homes, analyze what needs to be done for now and the future.

Take action steps to train our children and install safety measures. We will especially pray together and ask God for His guidance.

The highlight of this group will be discussing ways God can help us not only train our children but also help them if they stumble on the internet.


2. Seminar for your Church, Group or Organization.


Internet Safety Pitfalls Parents Make and Potential Solutions for Missing Gaps – to help the moms and pads in your group gain greater awareness on this issue.

We will share common tricks kids use as well as traps that they could fall into accidentally.

We will share potential solutions you can use at home.

We will discuss how we can go to God for training our children for safety with the Word as well as commonly known information. We will uncover how God helps us protect our children.


3. Internet Safety Book Group on the newly released “Raising Digital Families”  by Amy Lupold Bair

In this group we use the book as a tool to tighten up our safety protocol for our families. This book has detailed information to help your family close the safety gaps. We will chat about this book over several weeks as determined by the participants.




#1, #2, #3:  - Message LOIS

or email @

Thankful Thursday–My Two New Babies From China


I am sooo thankful for our two new babies from China. Welcome to America!


Children are a heritage from the Lord, offspring a reward from him.


Like arrows in the hands of a warrior

are children born in one’s youth.

Blessed is the man

whose quiver is full of them.

They will not be put to shame

when they contend with their opponents in court.

Psalm 127:3-5

New International Version (NIV)

Twittering Thursdays Twitter Hop!

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Repost: Useful Five in a Row Resources from GREAT BLOGS for The Story About Ping



I am working on Pinterest. I am amazed how helpful it is for finding ideas and resources for teaching my little ones. Enjoy….


As I prepare for co-ops this fall….I have the privilege of teaching the younger crew….it should be fun….I love storybooks and I enjoying using Five in A Row years ago with my first BATCH of kiddos….


stressed out mom

I burned out that time years ago when I used 5 in a Row WITH MY OLDEST 3 KIDS…which is almost impossible with Five in A Row since it is stress free….I OVERDID IT…I think I checked out 20 books each week to RESEARCH my topics thoroughly…it seems silly and funny now….BUT NOT THEN…The kids didn’t notice but OH BOY that was a doosey school year.

We had to put Five In A Row away for an extended Break!!

My friend Joanne Rende still laughs at me…she remembers asking me…

”HOW IN THE WORLD did you burnout using FIVE IN A ROW…..its almost impossible!”



A portion of this  BLOG POST is from HOPE IS THE WORD. She has awesome pics that inspired me to repost her info….thanks!! Please see the pics at her blog which is linked above.


  The Story about Ping (Reading Railroad Books)

The Story About Ping probably doesn’t need much of an introduction, but I wanted to share a few of the books we read and an activity we did in relation to this story.  For those who are unfamiliar with this classic tale, it’s Marjorie Flack’s story of a little duck named Ping who lives with his large family on “a boat with two wise eyes on the Yangtze River” in China. 

The ducks all leave their home during the day to hunt for food, but once the sun begins to set, the Master of the boat calls them back.  It is unfortunate, though, to be the last duck to return; this duck always receives a spank on the back.  One day, Ping is running late, and rather than be the one to get the spank, he decides to not return at all that night.  What follows is a short little series of adventures which end up with Ping almost becoming a duck dinner.  He learns his lesson, though, and decides that home’s best, spank or no spank.  Marjorie Flack (who also wrote and illustrated the Angus stories) first published this book in 1933, so it’s a real classic.  Kurt Wiese‘s illustrations are colorful and depict the action in the story very convincingly for the preschool set.  (As a side note, Kurt Wiese spent some time in China and later in Australia as a prisoner of war of the Japanese.  This is where he discovered and honed his talent for illustrations.  Interesting, huh?)  The Story About Ping is really too good to miss, which is why it’s included in the first volume of Five in a Row.

We didn’t “row” this book fully, and I decided to dispense with the lapbooking this time.  As much as I want to, I just can’t always make myself love lapbooking.  It’s a love-hate relationship, I guess.


One other blog that was very helpful is THE HOMESCHOOL MOM. On her blog she has an extensive list of online resources for THE STORY ABOUT PING….To see the complete list…click on her link above…

Online Units and Resources for The Story About Ping

Example of a Five in a Row unit (uses The Story of Ping)
Using The Story of Ping, Jane Lambert illustrates how to use a Five in a Row unit. (Y)

Life on the Rivers of Asia
National Geographic unit using The Story of Ping (y)

Photos of the Yangtze River
A collection of varied photos of life on the Yangtze River (Y, M, O, T)

Ping games and resources
Hurry Ping game, sequence cards, float/sink chart, China resource and more. (y)

Lapbook of Ping Example

Kids - China - A safe Internet gateway for kids of all ages! (Y, M, O, T)

Let's Learn about China! - Welcome! Kids, have fun exploring the culture of China through our puzzles, coloring pages, games and crafts. This area keeps growing every month, so check back often!



Finally there was one other that has a picture tour of their week with the Five In a Row (FAIR) book The Story About Ping. It has even more pictures detailing Michelle’s lessons with her homeschool family. Visit Michelle at her blog DELIGHTFUL LEARNING


Day 1: Geography: Physical

  • Where does Ping live?
  • Find China on a map, noting that it is located in Asia.
  • The Yangtze River is the longest river in China (4,000 miles long).
  • Malachi colored the flag of China and pasted the map of China.

Day 2: Art

Michelle has a host of pictures showing the step by step for this craft on her site…please see the link above for the link. Here is the finished product:


Day 4: Science

There we many pictures of several science projects on this blog Delightful Learning…This float or sink project seemed simplest for co-op. We will see how motivated we are=)




There is much more but I am sure we will have to keep it simple. Thanks to all theses ladies for sharing with the teaching community.

Nikki’s Preschool and Early Elementary School FUN Projects


Early Childhood Education Projects - Preschool Elementary


Preschool and Early Childhood Education Activity Ideas

My daughter Nikki does wonderful babysitting for our family and some families in the Bucks County area. She uses her bag of tricks to keep minis entertained for hours.

These are some of the science projects, arts and craft activities and butter creation events that they did. Perhaps I will find the picture for their baking projects as well and add to this post….later….

It is homeschool portfolio time now so she had to create this collage for her evaluation.

I thought it was too good to pass up for Wordless Wednesday!

Have a great day!



Prayers for the Boston Marathon Bombing and our Nation


WFW Prayer Post 3-23-10


As I reflect on the images and grief from the Boston Marathon Bombing I began to think….

No problem or issue is too big for the Lord!

So I created the image below:

At first…

it brought back memories of 9/11 and the recent Sandy Hook Elementary School Shootings in Connecticut…

  pray for 911  connecticut-shooting-children



I had one of my kids remind me that there are many countries where living with these major bombings and shootings and such are part of everyday life. So I had to thank God that He does still bless our nation that has subtly and often rejected Him and His leadership. Purposefully trying to edge Him out of the Schools, Courtrooms, Holidays and so on….


I was  chatting with my mom and searching my mind to see if we personally knew any victims in Boston. As a former New Yorker….when 9/11 hit I had family members there who worked in Manhattan. But for now, we are praying for a friend who said her relative’s child’s limb is gone.

But then…

There is a verse that has been ringing in my head since I head of the tragedy at the Boston Marathon yesterday that give me hope.

God does have a plan, we don’t have to life in fear or dread or worry. God wants to partner with us to Bless this country and ANY country that will follow Him…if we Pray:


If my people will call on MY name BLOG

If my people, who are called by MY name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

2 Chronicles 7:14



For More information on the Boston Marathon Bombing go to:

Boston Bombing

AP Photo/Elise Amendola

There is also video footage on the Boston Marathon Bombing:



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